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Quality Service for Business and Residential 

Your home and business deserve the best which means working with a qualified roofing company in Reno - and Authentic Roofing is just the professional for you! Our roofing experts are available and excited to help maintain the integrity of your roof and address any problems that may occur. You can peruse our list of services below for commercial and residential roofs or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help determine the best roofing services for your needs.


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Roof Inspections

Regularly scheduled roof inspections are a great way to extend the life of your roof. Every roof will experience wear-and-tear due to normal weathering and aging. Our roofing services include providing a free roof inspection to determine if roofing repairs are needed and how long your roof will last before needing a roof replacement. Contact us today to get one of our professional roofers out for a roof inspection.


Roof Installation

Building a new home from the ground up? Or reviving a commercial property that is missing a roof? Our professional roofing services include roof installation for new homes and commercial buildings. Authentic Roofing is an experienced professional roofing company that will make sure your new roof installation is of the highest quality possible! Contact us today to get a quote on the roof installation.

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Do you own a commercial property that could use a few more extra years of life? Having your roof coated is a roofing service that can extend the lifespan of your roof, delaying the time for needing a roof replacement.  Roof coating is an extra layer of protection placed on a roof, not only increasing the roof’s life span but also reducing energy usage due to its reflective properties. Call us today; our roofing company will have your roof inspected for a coating so you can extend the life of your roof while lowering the electricity bill for your building.

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Roof Repairs 

It is more cost-effective to have roof repairs completed over the lifetime of your roof rather than to have an entire roof replacement every few years. If your home has endured damages like a fallen tree, ventilation problem, leaks around the chimney, missing shingles, or other roof problems, call us today. We will properly repair the damages to help extend the life of your roof. 


Roof Replacement

Almost all roofing materials have a lifespan, and even if they are well taken care of, eventually every building will need a roof replacement with new roofing materials. When your home or business needs a roof replacement, call Authentic Roofing for expert roofing services. An entire roof replacement will give you a brand new roof that will last for 20 years or more depending on the materials used. 

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Roof Maintenance

It is very important to sustain the integrity and lifespan of your roof and we have a roofing service that can help. Our roof maintenance service involves a walk-thru roof inspection, checking all roof penetrations, examining drainage areas, and making minor roof repairs where needed. Also included in the roof maintenance service is the removal of debris from the drainage area and gutters. Contact us to be put on our roof maintenance plan!



Let’s get your roof protected from the harsh weather conditions of the outside world. Roof waterproofing is a roofing service where an extra layer of protection is added to your roof that ensures no water gets inside your home or business, causing the walls or support beams to rot. There are many causes that can lead to a roof leak repair, however, our roof waterproofing service will provide a penetrating-type protective roof coating that is tough, durable, and weather-resistant to prevent water from entering your home or business.

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