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The History of Authentic Roofing

5 Generations of Roofing
Patrick Coyne I 

     It all started in the early 1930's in a heavy downpour on the streets of New York. So many people, in dire need of keeping their heads and their belongings safe. A Man by the name of John Coyne, alike many others, was in a deep despair, until an inspiration arose from his heart. He wanted to HELP PEOPLE. 

     Homes were flooding, people were losing their belongings, and along with that their sense of security. They needed a roofer.


     John Coyne then started 5 Star Roofing Company. The "5 stars" symbolizing his sons, who were at the time, active military service during World War ll. When the troops came home, unfortunately only a few of Johns son's returned but, those who made it safely, took on the family business.


     In 1973 Bob Coyne was one of the heirs to the family business and he continued the service with his own   family and oldest son Pat Coyne Sr. I, for a good 40+ years before retiring and selling the company. 


     Thus, it was 2018. Pat Coyne Sr. I, comes out of retirement with his eldest Patrick Coyne Jr. II, with a new and refreshed vision of how roofing looks, what it is, and what it needs to be. A new beginning emerges from a long time roofing family to continue serving the people with an Authentic experience that was once started from an inspiration in the 1930s so many generations ago…

Patrick Coyne Sr.JPG

Patrick Coyne Sr. started roofing in 1965, then when his dad opened a roofing business he started working for him in which he successfully ran until his retirement in 2017, Patrick Coyne Sr. has many years of knowledge on all types of roofing from the biggest projects to the most detailed projects you can imagine.

Patrick Coyne II
Authentic Roofing Team.jpg

When I was young I used to hang off the ladders from the back of my dad’s truck. I always knew I was going to grow up and be a roofer, I Started working for the family roofing business when I was 18 years’ old, in the beginning I started running the kettle,

the hot crew, working my way up to the roof from then on learning many different types of roofing and waterproofing applications to supervising many crews. I then continued my learning in the office from managing the safety department to managing the repair department even making my way into estimating and becoming a shareholder. It was then, I decided it was time to take the roofing business into my own hands. 

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