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About Us

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Authentic Roofing was established in September 2019 by the owner, Patrick after decades in the roofing industry. Patrick founded Authentic Roofing in Reno when he realized there was a need for more honest and moral roofing companies in the community to help local families and businesses take care of their homes. 


At Authentic Roofing, we’re here to keep your family covered and we mean this from the first warm hello on the phone to after the installation. Our team at Authentic Roofing is fully certified with Versico, G.A.F and N.R.C.A certification.  We’re built on the mission to serve local homeowners/businesses by providing quality roofing services by trustworthy professional roofers.

As a local family-owned roofing company in Reno, NV, we know what it means for you to choose to work with us at Authentic Roofing and appreciate your business all the more. This is why when you work with Authentic Roofing, you’re supporting other local small businesses that we partner with within the community for products and services to run our business. When you choose Authentic Roofing, you’re choosing to support Northern Nevada. 


Authentic Roofing is a family-owned business and has family through its history. Back in the 1930s, Patrick’s great, great, great grandfather, John started his roofing company because he saw the people who needed help during a heavy downpour in New York and stepped up to be of service. John started the first roofing company in the Coyne family which has since become a family tradition with 5 generations of roofers and business owners ranging from Patrick’s great, great, grandfather to Patrick’s son Trevor who can be found working alongside his father at Authentic Roofing. Patrick’s family moved to Reno when he was only 7 years old and they started their own roofing company in the Reno area. 



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Patrick Coyne II


Patrick’s family moved to Reno when he was only 7 years old and they started their own roofing company in the Reno area. Patrick grew up roofing with his grandfather and father, starting out in the field running the kettle back when they used tar for roofing, all the way up to back-office work and eventually becoming a shareholder in the family business. He started his own business to connect with people in the community and help his local neighbor. 


In 2009 Patrick met Mary who he married 3 years later and helped run Authentic Roofing. Although Patrick is the face of the business and the one you’ll see out on jobs and running around town in his Authentic Roofing truck, Mary is the voice of the business. She’s the first person you hear and work with to set up appointments. Together, they make a dynamite team running their business and taking care of their family with 5 kids and 2 grandkids. 


Being a 5 generation roofing company that’s a family business, we understand how important your roof is for your home and your business. We are here to help keep your family covered and your business protected.

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