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About Us

It all started in the early 1930s in a heavy downpour on the streets of New York. Homes were flooding, people were losing their belongings, and their sense of security. They needed a roofer.


John Coyne then started 5 Star Roofing Company. The "5 stars" symbolizing his sons, who were at the time, active military service during World War ll. When the troops came home, unfortunately only a few of Johns son's returned but, those who made it safely, took on the family business.


In 1973 Bob Coyne was one of the heirs to the family business and he continued the service with his own family and oldest son Pat Coyne Sr. I, for a good 40+ years before retiring and selling the company. 


Thus, it was 2018. Pat Coyne Sr. I, comes out of retirement with his eldest Patrick Coyne Jr. II, with a new and refreshed vision of how roofing looks, what it is, and what it needs to be. A new beginning emerges from a long-time roofing family to continue serving the people with an Authentic experience that was once started from an inspiration in the 1930s so many generations ago…

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Patrick Coyne II


What We Do
Commercial Roofing - 
Authentic Roofing is the name to trust when you need a new roof. Whether your roof has suffered storm damage or issues related to aging, we can help. From the smallest jobs to the huge corporate warehouses our team has the expertise to get the job done.
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